Intimidation So Far And NO JUSITICE

You know, it’s bad enough to realize that a judge working here in this FREE COUNTRY, THIS “DEMOCRACY, an “honorable” judge, somewhere along the line made the decision to get his brand of “justice” against me one way or the other.  It’s bad enough to sit in court and watch this judge act like the female prosecutor’s lap dog.  It’s bad enough to  have to watch what appears to be, at least, an infatuation by this older judge with a younger female attorney.  But to have that judge decide that I don’t deserve a chance at justice, to defend myself, my claims, to deceive me about the hearing date, is just wrong and its dehumanizing to think that as a citizen I mean no more than that, that my rights to a fair hearing can be so easily discarded by some self-righteous fat judge sitting on his bench.

The thing that hurts even worse though, are the accusations, the browbeating, the ongoing intimidation from people with questionable motives.  They insist, nothing less will do, that I recant my allegations against this judge and the lawfirm.  They want me to say that it was a mere “oversight” or that he “erred” and made a mistake, that I’m confused.

There is no confusion on my part.  What I do know is that these people strong-arming me and trying to intimidate me into silence are just as guilty of this judge of abuse of power.

But all they’ve accomplished is to strengthen my resolve to call this judge out, to file complaints against him, and to hope that whoever is in charge of investigating my complaint will be able to be impartial and fair and just to me where the judge was not.

I suffered an apparent collusion against me by a power-hungry and unethical judge who is part of the destruction of the court system.  This is supposed to be a democracy.  But now I’ve been made to see that the system and the public will do whatever it takes to exact “justice”.  The system only has the power the people grant it.  When “one of us” accuses me of lying and who vouches for the honesty of a judge they don’t know, that is how tyrants and bullies are born, because “the people” looked the other way.

The courts, from my perspective, are abusive entities where little people get ground up and swept away in a bureaucratic nightmare.  If we forget who is serving who then soon we will be no better off than the tyrants we read about in the newspaper.  Their weapons may be different.  MAYBE they aren’t going to resort to physical violence.  But what they is is mental/spiritual violence because the message is you are too small, too inconsequential to matter.

I refuse to accept that judgment and I’m not gonna shut up.  It’s been difficult.  It was difficult to face the court as a pro se defendant.  It’s easy to feel intimidated.  It’s difficult knowing that people who don’t know have judged me without really knowing anything.  Those of you who try to silence me and to coerce me are a big part of the problem with our courts and our justice and that’s the truth, MY TRUTH.

Nope, not shutting up, not changing my story to make any of  “you” more comfortable.  Ain’t happening, get used to it.


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