The judges who hold our fortunes hostage to their vagaries

You might, based on endless articles replete with boastful prose and glowing hyperbole about how fortunate we are to live in this great country, actually believe that silly talk.  Like PT Barnum so aptly observed “there’s a sucker born every minute” who believes fairness and equity  reside safe and secure in our hallowed and venerable halls of justice.  Whatever propaganda (or delusional) information there is out there advertising that our judges are of the highest caliber and pedigree is widely believed and taken at face value by the faithful and naive public masses.  The word is out, our formidable officers of the court are  held in check if for no other reason than because there are “checks and balances”, somebody to answer to, and so forth.  Unfortunately the authors of that blather are either con artists, liars or lunatics escaped from an asylum.

It’s time to come back down to earth now, put aside your flights of fantasy.  Judges can act with impunity and arrogant disdain for the common man (in this case, me).  The Committee that owes its very existence to our wonderful Congress and is responsible for reviewing complaints about judicial misconduct is a farce, a kangaroo court.  Hear ye, hear ye, all rise before the dishonorable scion of justice, the man of the hour wearing a judge’s robe.   Come now, ye supplicants of the courts tender mercies, the scales of justice are slightly tipsy today but come anyway, enter the spider’s web of deceit.

I filed a complaint a week ago.  Put a lot of blood sweat and tears into it.  The acknowledgment I got was fairly dripping with condescension and superior smugness.  I read character pretty good, I’m a people person.  Don’t know crap about number crunching but I know people.

In a couple of weeks I’ll have a copy of the tape recording from the court session wherein the fraudulent plan was born after what I suspect was a rather short gestational period.   I haven’t a clue about the quality of the tape all I know is it costs $25 that has to be in the form of a money order and I have to go to the downtown hellhole area of the city to pay for and order it and then pick it up when they decide I’ve waited long enough.  The clerical support staff is modeled after their godlike masters, not at all helpful is the best you can hope for.  If its a bad day you’ll get definite attitude and stonewalling, giving out as though it were gold, tiny little snippets of information, just enough so the show and entertainment goes on.  Entertainment free of charge, provided by me, the court fool.  Actually, I’m not a fool at all, I know damn good and well what’s happening.

If there were fewer articles about how accountable judges are and more action to actually ensure they are it would be a bright spot on an otherwise dark horizon.  A glimmer of hope for an otherwise destitute soul.

Next up: confronting the Ass in a judges robe who now wishes to deprive me of my earthly possessions even while he gloats and preens about the deception he is pulling off in technicolor before a packed audience.  Of course his equally disgusting disciple, the errant barrister and cohort will be in attendance as well to drool over their conquest.

Arrest me if you want (and I’m sure they want to) but no way in hell am I going to put myself through that.    I know why three or four steps inside the courthouse door there are metal detectors.  They are there because not all of the serfs and plebs are satisfied with the quality of mercy dispensed in these hallowed halls.

I now hang my hat and hope on the taped transcript of a proceeding that fairly reeks with pestilence and moral decay.

I love justice!


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