Why doesn’t “our” government save us, our homes?

I wrote this in response to a question someone posed online about why our government has failed to put a stop to the unlawful seizure and foreclosure of homes.  unlawful because they are done IN SPITE OF the law, not because of it, and done with fraudulent, dishonest and forged documents.  It is, however much I dislike it, what I believe.  The fact is, I have to accept that not everyone is ready for the truth just yet.

No, it is not because “our government” does not care if we are dummies or think that we are dummies, the fact is it is an illusion to continue to believe that it is still “our” government.  For every abusive regime and tyrant in control, there is always some moment in time (perhaps not the traditional definition of moment) where something that might have been good turns into a bad thing.  Things go bad all the time, food in the refrigerator “goes bad”.  all the way up to “governments” go bad.

I have not studied people like Saddam Hussein, his early history, but there may have been a time when he sought to be a leader for good reasons but eventually the POWER corrupted him.  Human beings are inherently weak and subject to temptation.  Many people with good intentions have been seduced by power and turned from good to bad.  That’s why “our” politicians we elected and sent to Washington D.C. eventually forget they are supposed to be ‘one of us’ and instead they become ‘one of them’ the few, the elite.

It’s why Congress does not have the same health plan that the rest of America has.  If they truly believed they are ‘one of us’ they would realize they are not entitled to a health plan that is hands down far and away above anything we ‘commoners’ can hope for.  It’s why they deny cost of living increases to Social Security recipients at the same time they VOTE THEMSELVES a raise, and not a few cents either.

It’s why I believed in term limits, because the longer someone is in Washington the more distanced they become from the people they said they would represent.  Eventually, they CONVINCE THEMSELVES that they deserve more.  It’s a way to assuage their conscience, if they still have one.  If their conscience occasionally still tugs at them when they commit something they know is wrong, they have a convenient vehicle to escape the guilt.  “They are better than us, they deserve more, after all, look at what they’ve done for us”.  They have POWER.

Once you make that leap over your conscience, essentially leaving your conscience behind, its quite easy to throw your lot in with the foxes guarding the hen house.  For one thing, basically, its just MORE FUN.  And if you ARE exceptional and above the crowd, aren’t you also entitled to MORE FUN?

It’s a head trip, as we used to say in the 60’s.  You just decide where you want your head to be and you go there.  Our politicians do not want to help us, they frankly don’t care anymore about us.

They may SAY they care about us, put on shows and programs and give speeches which say “we care about you” but that is just a control mechanism to keep you from revolting.  That is the one thing they do care about, seeing that you continue to be deceived.

The peasants are not a problem unless they get ahead of themselves.  Our government doesn’t CARE about us, what it does care about is that we remain deceived.  So they put on shows to entertain us and make us THINK they care.  A little salve and elixir will put the peasants to sleep and we can PARTY ON.

THAT is the sad truth of it, imo.  WE are still in the DENIAL stage.  We have not accepted reality, that if help is to come it won’t be from “our” government because the government is not ours anymore.


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