Corruption in government and in “medicine”

This is risky, a controversial and volatile subject and may end up shooting me in the foot and distracting from what I have to say, but its the best example I can come up with presently, and it also involves corruption in high places.

Pretty much everyone is aware of the shooting/homicide of George Tiller the abortionist.  What they fail to know or take into account, even if you believe abortion is a woman’s decision and/or right, the abortionist has to conform to the laws just like anyone else, or he should.  Well George Tiller performed illegal abortions on viable babies wherein the mothers health was not in jeopardy, the sole reason in actuality was (much of the time it was young teens for example) along the lines of inconvenience or “How can I go to the prom if I’m pregnant, my dress won’t fit”.

One of the requirements is to report possible child abuse and there cannot be too many more serious (save murder) forms of abuse than to impregnate, for example, your daughter or your sister or niece.  Because of that Tiller, all abortion facilities are to report underage pregnancies especially when the identity of the father is in question.   Tiller did not do that.  Contrary to popular belief, he was not particularly fond of women or their hero, it was a very lucrative business.  And the great majority of the abortions he performed were the controversial late terms abortions that couldn’t be done elsewhere.  He made them happen.  He falsified records, filled out records to say that the fetus was not as far along in weeks so that he could do the abortion with the least amount of interference from the law.  The other doctor whose opinion was to be a kind of checks and balances for him and was to be completely independent from his practice was in essence his employee.  She worked for no one else and she filled out the necessary paperwork at the only office she had in his facility.

George Tiller was reported on several occasions for various violations but they were smoothed over by Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius who was, btw, a benefactor of Tiller’s generous campaign contributions.   She vetoed laws, made sure that a grand jury was thwarted in its efforts to get the records it needed to make decisions about whether Tiller should be tried, she vetoed laws about safety/cleanliness requirements, she had Tiller and his staff as guests at the governor’s mansion for an elaborate evening of dinner and so forth.  She was clearly not impartial toward him, she covered for him.  The fact is he most certainly would have lost his medical license and even been sent to serve time in prison for in essence killing viable healthy infants in violation of the law.  But because of Sebelius high station and power she kept him out of trouble and he contributed to her campaigns, the amount of which contributions he concealed by virtue of making them through alternative sources.  The facts are that Tiller became a wealthy man and provided  a very comfortable lifestyle for him and his family and much of that wealth was obtained through illegal acts.

I do not condone violence, Scott Roeder who killed Tiller thought he was doing the right thing because he could see that the law couldn’t touch Tiller and so he decided to.  I could never do what he did, but then if you think about it, he felt he was saving innocent lives.  If he had been rescuing victims of Hitler in the extermination camps he would have been hailed as a hero.  I’m torn about it, we can’t have people going around exacting their own vigilante justice.  But what if justice is broken?

There are many ways that justice is thwarted/perverted and in this case it carries over into the medical profession as you pointed out.

It’s such a volatile issue (abortion) I’m not sure its a good example as people get hung up on the women’s right to choose issue and forget that whether you agree with abortion or not, there are laws about how and when it can be done and Tiller broke them.

Katheleen Sebelius was very vocal in her condemnation of Scott Roeder and blamed him for Tiller’s death but in my mind she also contributed.  She kept “ethical justice” impossible to be had by covering for him.   She made it impossible to “get him” legally and so someone came up with an alternative way which would not have been necessary had she done the ethical thing and let justice run its course instead of protecting one of her campaign supporters.


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