president gives nod of approval to illegal criminal foreclosure

You can’t afford not to watch this video and follow this link, trust me.

I can’t think of too many things that could be more upsetting.  Because in essence the man who says he is president of this country and for now wields all the power that position entails is saying the following:

To the people who are committing these sins and outrageous misconduct – “it’s okay, I know you’re crooks but we don’t want to upset the apple cart.

To the people whose homes are taken without proper cause – “yeah, you are getting ripped off but you’re expendable.  I’ve decided that my greater concern should be with the people shopping for new homes.  I know its fraud, yes everyone is upset and buzzing about all the laws being violated but I DON’T CARE.”

All I can say is that I do remember the video clip on You Tube wherein Obama stated very early in his current role of president (not that he is president) that “THE CONSTITUTION IS FLAWED”

With that in mind, since assuming his masquerade and commander in chief of the United States, I guess it makes sense that he wouldn’t care about people who are evicted from their homes with no or fake evidence.

Anyone who thinks this problem doesn’t apply to them and that they are careful with their money and so they wouldn’t ever be in this situation better rethink that.  Because people have been foreclosed on who owned their homes free and clear of any mortgage.  And Obama gives this travesty of justice his nod of approval.

I am outraged and anyone who isn’t must be a total idiot.  THE MAN is coming for us.


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