Can I respect my government when it betrays us? NO!

This is about dogs and puppies in Missouri and Proposition B, a law which was legally placed on the ballot and approved by the people of Missouri.  It’s about efforts to relieve the solitary and lonely suffering that comprise the reality of the lives of Missouri’s puppy mill population. Hidden away in mostly rural parts of Missouri its about thousands of dogs and puppies who live in squalor and filth, deprived of any source of comfort or companionship.  It’s about dogs that are inhumanely executed because they can’t produce more puppies because they’ve been bred non stop and they got nothing left to give. It’s about dogs who can’ bark anymore because their owners shoved crude sticks down their throat to remove their “voice”. It’s about dogs who often can’t even turn around in the wire cages that are their home for however long their pathetic lives last. It’s about how the people who worked really hard to provide some hope and protection for these unfortunate animals now must realize most likely all their efforts to make a difference will have been for nothing.  Why?  Because smug and self-serving legislators are using every tool in their dirty bag of tricks to keep things just the way they are. And its about these arrogant people, senators and legislators,  in our state capital of Jefferson City who have sold out the people of Missouri because they have lost their conscience.  These “faithful” public servants are motivated not by a will to serve the people but by greed.  Their objective is to assure their friends and relatives operating these puppy mills they won’t lose their source of income, however ill-gotten it is.  

Because of what I’ve seen, I have been thinking a lot about just how democratic our society really is.  I sent a letter to Governor Jay Nixon and I hope he reads it and considers what I’ve said because he’s the only one who can stop this violation from happening.  Here is that letter:

Our votes are being dishonored and overruled by arrogant and corrupt senators belonging to an organization (Cattleman’s Association) that says on its web site that they need and want Prop B gone because its going to cost them and their family money.   Isn’t that a conflict of interest but they can do what they want anyway?

Let me ask you Governor Nixon, why I should bother voting?

And if I’m too dumb to vote why do you still want my tax money?

Consider this scenario:

What would happen to us as a country if anytime, any day, someone in power could say:no those people are too dumb to know what they are voting on, but I am smart because I say so, in my benevolent role as their caretaker, I am going to deny them their vote”  And we, stupid as we are, are just supposed to go along with that?

Then just how much better off or how much safer are we ultimately than Iraq?

How far are we from anarchy and tyranny and injustice?

CORRUPT PEOPLE like Saddam Hussein didn’t need to care what “his people” wanted and so he didn’t.

What is to stop any corrupt official from saying
“I’m doing what I want but its for the good of the people” even though they clearly are not motivated by anything but greed, but as long as they say the magic words “I’m doing this for the people because the people are not as intelligent as I am and I’m overruling them for their own good” does that really mean WHATEVER THEY DO IS JUST OR MORAL?

So let me ask you Governor, two questions:




If the Missouri Legislature ignores my vote,
our vote, the popular vote – aren’t we within our rights to say I’m not pay taxes?

I don’t feel like paying taxes to support the salary of someone we helped elect who thinks we’re too stupid to know our own mind.

Remember the Boston Tea Party was the result of the outrage of colonists because they were taxed yet had no representation about the laws being passed regarding taxes or anything else.

That’s where I am right now.

I don’t feel, if this travesty of these bullies, these senators who PRESUME to know better than I what to think, even though their opinion is BIASED and MOTIVATED BY PROFIT and GREED. . .People want to say their heart is in the right place BUT the evidence says otherwise.

If the RESULTS OF MY VOTE ARE DENIED because of senators who are looking out for their own interests and the interests of their relatives and friends, who stand to gain financially by their own words from the overturn of Proposition B, then why should I respect my government.

Is it in fact MY government?

My father served honorably in the Navy during WWI and risked his life for this country and he was always proud of that fact, but not arrogant and he never bragged about it.  But I think if he was here today and he was asked to serve again he’d say NO.

Because now it seems the DEMOCRACY or REPUBLIC he fought for has turned into a totalitarian dictatorship where the will of the people is usurped.

Where ARROGANT senators ABUSE THEIR POWER by deciding what PROP B really means. Because, oh yeah, we’re too dumb to understand.

We weren’t too dumb when they came to us and asked us to elect them?

They say “voters just don’t understand” BUT WE DO and ISN’T THIS A RATHER SICK IRONY?

Based on THE WAY IT IS, why did our soldiers go to war in the Mid East.

Wasn’t it to help them be sure that voting was done fairly “over there”?

When we don’t have a democratic or a FAIR VOTE RIGHT HERE.

Our sons and daughters are dying in Afghanistan and Iraq every day to bring freedom from bullies like Saddam Hussein and bring the voting process to a foreign country WHEN NONE OF US, including those soldiers who will die, can say they know when they vote its going to count and not be overriden, that we don’t have a right to have our vote count unless “our” legislators say so.

Excuse me, but you know what, I am mad as hell.

I am an intelligent person. I am not crazy, have not been committed to an insane asylum.   I work, I pay taxes, BUT I CAN’T VOTE and know that it counts.

MISSOURI SENATORS SAY I HAVE TO PAY TAXES but they say I don’t know enough to have my vote counted.


You can’t have it both ways.

If I don’t get to vote, fine, but then don’t be taxing me.

NOPE, ain’t going to do it.  Send me to debtors prison if you want, I REFUSE to pay taxes when my vote doesn’t count.


2 responses to “Can I respect my government when it betrays us? NO!

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more !!! I always believed in our system and was so proud to be part of a democratic system but I have lost all faith in this system. I just hope Nixon is a man of his word and doesn’t allow the gutting of Prop B. I’m embarrassed that our state is the #1 WORST PUPPY MILL STATE IN THE NATION. We all need to speak out and join Peaceful protest of Pet Stores and let our voices be heard for all the defenseless dogs trapped in horrible, cruel puppy mills throughout MISSOURI !!! Keep up the great job !!

    • While too many citizens of Missouri seem inexplicably complacent considering the fact our Legislature has a disturbing habit of silencing our voice/vote in Missouri and thereby moving us at least one step closer to a dictator-controlled government, I am not one of them. I oppose and will continue to oppose these jackals. I am sorry that Governor Nixon did not do the stand-up thing and insist that Proposition B be enacted as it was approved by the voters. How ironic that these chumps hold the offices they do by virtue of people voting for them and that they had no apparent problem accepting THAT VOTE of the people. When Mike Parsons as much as called those voting for Proposition B stupid and illiterate (and he of course all the more intelligent) I wonder if he contemplated whether or not they might also have been lacking in intelligence when they elected him.

      I, for one, will not brush this under the rug and consign myself to having no voice. It ain’t over yet.

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