Do I hear Congress volunteering to cut their pay??

It continues to confound and annoy and vex me why, of all the various plots and plans to balance the budget and set us all back on the road to prosperity, that not once has anyone suggested that Congress give up any of their abundant benefits. 

 Ha ha – not likely !

These noble men and women sit gravely around their ’round tables’  and come up with the most ingenious and clever plans to balance the budget, all the while outlining how “we” must all pull together and tighten our belts when it is clear that hell would freeze over before Congress agreed to give up one cent, they are such misers with their own funds that they DO NOT deserve.   I’d like an explanation, actually, of exactly what skills and so forth they have exhibited which justify their windfall salaries, guaranteed pre-approved first of the year raises and their lavish all-inclusive benefits programs.  While the rest of us struggle their finances remain unscathed yet we are supposed to “trust” them to act on our best behalf.   It defies credulity, they must think we are all idiots.


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