Justice Has No Bearing on Who “Wins” in Court

I know everyone wants to, NEEDS TO, believe that if we ever end up in court on an issue of law, but ESPECIALLY issues of law that can have the effect of depriving us of our freedom, that JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL.   Lol.  Nothing like delusional thinking to make someone’s day.

First let’s clear up some confusion.  What is JUST or What is LEGAL has absolutely no bearing on the outcome of a trial.   If you can trick someone into a legal GOTCHA area – YOU WIN!   It’s a sort of sandtrap you want to avoid.

It helps if you think of it as a Modern-Day Cops and Robbers for Adults.

The Cast of Characters and the Game Plan/Object of the Game

The object of the game is to  play the game until such time as the Sneakiest Player  can WIN by hook or CROOK or whatever dirty trick necessary to prevail. 

Unlike most other games, In Court the Object of the Game IS NOT to WIN FAIRLY — its to WIN AT ANY COST.

A Few TIPS:  Do Not “Play” with false assumptions.   Do Not Play under the Misguided Belief that the Judge is a man who has dedicated his career to  Law and Justice  such as was true of the venerable and wise King Solomon.

The mystery of the game is WHY IS IT that judges are addressed as HONORABLE so and so?  Maybe they think if we say it often enough we will start to believe?   Repition – Does it Work?

And attorneys, at least one iin opposition, possibly more.  Here’s an example: Mr. Slime E Prosecutor, ESQuire – see he’s not a sleazy huckster he’s ESQUIRE.

The game usually starts off with lots of mud slinging and legal posturing and also a round or two of ducking and dodging the truth.  Eventually after all parties have exhausted themselves preparing endless “Briefs” (which are rarely if ever Brief) and the attorneys have sent out their syatements for  LOTS of BILLABLE HOURS and other Blah Blah aka Legal MumboJumbo HIZZONER will declare the WINNER who WILL PREVAIL over the less fortunate LOSERS (probably You and Me).

But don’t worry, there are plenty of others out there more than willing to test their metal against yours.  In no time at all you will once again be playing the game of Keep Away [Justice].

Meanwhile —

Have another toast to the Great American Way.

America Land of the Purportedly Free and Home of the Deluded



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