Eric “my people” Holder is a Racist Hypocrite

So Holder lied when he said the Justice Dept wasn’t funding Anti-Zimmerman protests. This government is so corrupt its both frightening and disgusting. If anyone should be convicted of racial hatred and profiling its this worthless sack of shit Eric “my people” Holder.
Holder had a shoe-in conviction of the New Black Piece of Shit Panthers for voter intimidation, they had the video but chose to let them go and he was OFFENDED anyone should even suggest that white people suffering is in any way comparable to what HIS PEOPLE went thru. I can barely contain my outrage at the fact we have one of the most hateful, racially prejudiced head of Department of Justice possible. Holder ignores subpoenas to bring his black fucking ass to justice for Fast and Furious among other but he will pursue this like the hound of hell he is.


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