Parental Alienation: The System is Failing

It’s too late for some children like my Grandson and my son, his loving father. The “Honorable Judge” of the Family Court has made his DISHONORABLE RULING. My son jumped thru all the hoops for years and he kept the faith till the end. A very sick person now has TOTAL CUSTODY of my Grandson.

“Services” like are failing exactly as you’ve so clearly and repeatedly stated. “Family Therapists” in my Grandson’s case failed miserably – the “Guardian ad Litem” failed him, and the Courts and their sundry associates failed him but THEY ALL GOT PAID so they’ve already forgotten my son and my grandson exist and were abandoned by them.

Nevertheless of perseverance and tenacity give me something positive to hope for – that the future may be brighter in these matters. I want to believe change is coming in courts and counselor/therapists and “child advocacy” offices .

Thank you, Dr. Childress for your countless days, months and years of hard work.



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