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“My Representative” misplaced efforts



Violated Government Policy In Using Personal Server While Secretary of State

170px-Msc2011_dett-clinton_0298sullivanHillary Clinton has insisted throughout the ongoing email scandal on two points repeated as a virtual mantra:

Hillary Clinton has insisted throughout the ongoing email scandal on two points repeated as a virtual mantra: there was no classified material sent on her unsecured personal email

system and she was in total compliance with the law. I have questioned both points and noted that she is really saying that no “marked” classified material was sent (a less than compelling argument) and she is speaking of federal criminal laws as opposed to the clear official policy not to use such personal servers. It appears clear that some of this material was indeed classified and, as I discussed this week on NPR, the policy against doing what she did was clear and strong at the time of her tenure at State. Now, United States District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan has weighed in with comments this week that Clinton clearly did violate State Department policy and that violation caused much of the difficulty in retrieving her communications while in office.

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State Department First Claims There Are Zero Emails Related To Scandal . . . Then Admits To Court That There Are Thousands

StateDepartmentWhile the attention nationally has been on the server of Hillary Clinton and the ongoing investigation, there is a new development in the effort to acquire another set of emails that should cause public outcry. Two years ago, the State Department officially stated that there were no emails responsive to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request about a close Hillary Clinton adviser’s contact with the media. Now, after the intervention of a federal judge, the Department has admitted that it has located 17,855 emails that appear to match the criteria. From 0 to 17,855 and no one seems particularly bothered by the false statement of the State Department in its early response to the lawful request under FOIA. No one is under review at the State Department for possible termination or even discipline. No one is being transferred or retrained. The government first says that there were no emails and then is forced to admit that there are potentially thousands. It is being treated as just another day in the life of our government.

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WHAT A FUCKING LOAD OF BULL — he bitched about President Bush’s actions now he is far surpassing Bush but NOW ITS OKAY

Arrogant Treasonous Bastard

Parental Alienation: The System is Failing

It’s too late for some children like my Grandson and my son, his loving father. The “Honorable Judge” of the Family Court has made his DISHONORABLE RULING. My son jumped thru all the hoops for years and he kept the faith till the end. A very sick person now has TOTAL CUSTODY of my Grandson.

“Services” like are failing exactly as you’ve so clearly and repeatedly stated. “Family Therapists” in my Grandson’s case failed miserably – the “Guardian ad Litem” failed him, and the Courts and their sundry associates failed him but THEY ALL GOT PAID so they’ve already forgotten my son and my grandson exist and were abandoned by them.

Nevertheless of perseverance and tenacity give me something positive to hope for – that the future may be brighter in these matters. I want to believe change is coming in courts and counselor/therapists and “child advocacy” offices .

Thank you, Dr. Childress for your countless days, months and years of hard work.


Parenting Rights Case Docketed by Supreme Court in John Parent v State

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After working its way through the federal courts over the past four years, the case of John Parent v State of New York, et. al., was docketed by the Supreme Court under Case Number 12-350. Official notice was received today regarding this test case filed by civil rights advocate Leon R. Koziol on February 26, 2009. It reached our nation’s high court on Constitution Day, September 17, 2012, and now awaits decision by the Justices after briefing deadlines set for October 22nd.

Whether the full Court agrees to hear the case is dependent upon four Justices voting to grant the writ sought by Mr. Koziol. A decision should come down before the holidays. For those of you following the progress of our case, John Parent is a “fictitious” name granted by a lower federal judge and it is intended to represent “similarly situated” parents abused by the divorce…

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A review of Thomas Moore’s “Please let me see my son”, a father’s fight against the family law process.

A review of Thomas Moore’s “Please let me see my son”, a father’s fight against the family law process..

A Little Dog Treading Water in Tampa Bay rescued by fisherman now Has a New Home!



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A new home for dog found treading water in Tampa Bay

Posted: Jan 06, 2014 8:33 PM CST Updated: Jan 07, 2014 7:56 AM CST