Eric the Hypocrite Racist Head of Dept of Injustice

FBI records: agents found no evidence that Zimmerman was racist

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After interviewing nearly three dozen people in the George Zimmerman murder case, the FBI found no evidence that racial bias was a motivating factor in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, records released Thursday show.

Even the lead detective in the case, Sanford Det. Chris Serino, told agents that he thought Zimmerman profiled Trayvon because of his attire and the circumstances — but not his race.

Serino saw Zimmerman as “having little hero complex, but not as a racist.”

The Duval County State Attorney released another collection of evidence in the Zimmerman murder case Thursday, including reports from FBI agents who investigated whether any racial bias was involved in Trayvon’s Feb. 26 killing.

The evidence includes bank surveillance videos from the day of the killing, crime scene photos and memos from prosecutors.

Among the documents is a note from the prosecutor who said one of the witnesses said her son, a minor, had felt pressured by investigators to say the injured man he saw was wearing a red top. The boy’s testimony had been considered key, because it backed up Zimmerman’s allegation that he — wearing red — was being pummeled.

Federal agents interviewed Zimmerman’s neighbors and co-workers, but none said Zimmerman had expressed racial animus at any time prior to the Feb. 26 shooting of Martin, a black teen, in a confrontation at a Sanford housing complex. As Sanford police investigated the circumstances of Martin’s death, the FBI opened a parallel probe to determine if Martin’s civil rights had been violated.

Several co-workers said they had never seen Zimmerman display any prejudice or racial bias.

Two co-workers told agents they spoke with Zimmerman the day after the shooting, and both said they noticed injuries to Zimmerman’s nose and the back of his head. One person said Zimmerman was “absolutely devastated.”

Zimmerman told both colleagues that he followed Martin — whom Zimmerman described as a “suspicious person” — so he could tell police where the teen went, but was then “jumped” by Martin. Zimmerman told both that Martin reached for Zimmerman’s gun before Zimmerman shot Martin.

In all, the FBI interviewed 35 people about Zimmerman, from current and former co-workers to neighbors and an ex-girlfriend.

Among the revelations found in nearly 300 pages of records:

• Zimmerman arrived at one of his police interviews with a friend who works as an air marshal. That friend told police Zimmerman was physically abused by his mother and had been estranged from his family.

• The day Zimmerman turned himself in to be charged with second-degree murder, authorities confiscated a handgun from his car.

• A gun dealer called police to say that some time in mid-March, Zimmerman called to say he was afraid for his life and “needed more guns.”

• An ex-girlfriend said Zimmerman had outbursts and sometimes threatened suicide. She suspected it was a result of Accutane, the acne medicine he took. She said he was the “last person in the world” she thought would be involved in such an incident.

• The ex girlfriend said she and Zimmerman had a violent argument when she caught him on a singles dating web site, even though they were engaged to be married.

• Trayvon’s cousin said he would swear “on a stack of bibles” that the person shouting in a 911 tape that recorded screams during the struggle was Trayvon.

Zimmerman, 28, claims Trayvon attacked him, breaking his nose and slamming his head on the concrete at the Retreat at Twin Lakes townhouse complex. Specially appointed prosecutors who investigated the case charged Zimmerman with second-degree murder, which carries a potential life sentence.

The state attorney’s office says Zimmerman wrongly assumed Trayvon was a criminal, and says he did not suffer injuries serious enough to require deadly force to defend himself.

The U.S. Department of Justice and FBI stepped in about a month after the killing, as protesters nationwide criticized the investigation. The original probe was conducted by police in Sanford, the central Florida community where Zimmerman lives and Trayvon was visiting while suspended from school.

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Eric “my people” Holder is a Racist Hypocrite

So Holder lied when he said the Justice Dept wasn’t funding Anti-Zimmerman protests. This government is so corrupt its both frightening and disgusting. If anyone should be convicted of racial hatred and profiling its this worthless sack of shit Eric “my people” Holder.
Holder had a shoe-in conviction of the New Black Piece of Shit Panthers for voter intimidation, they had the video but chose to let them go and he was OFFENDED anyone should even suggest that white people suffering is in any way comparable to what HIS PEOPLE went thru. I can barely contain my outrage at the fact we have one of the most hateful, racially prejudiced head of Department of Justice possible. Holder ignores subpoenas to bring his black fucking ass to justice for Fast and Furious among other but he will pursue this like the hound of hell he is.

Lawmaker: Hire more whites to run government

Lawmaker: Hire more whites to run government.


My America is Dead

The America I knew and loved belongs to yesterday. Today she is dead and I mourn her absence in my life that gave me hope. I never dreamed she would end like this. America, my home, is no more. We are orphans with no way home.


These destructive policies were implemented by George Bush.  Alarmingly, Barack Obama continues these policies.   The problem is that no one will call them out for what they are lest they be called a racist.  

Citizen apathy is the nail in the coffin of democracy.

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Justice Has No Bearing on Who “Wins” in Court

I know everyone wants to, NEEDS TO, believe that if we ever end up in court on an issue of law, but ESPECIALLY issues of law that can have the effect of depriving us of our freedom, that JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL.   Lol.  Nothing like delusional thinking to make someone’s day.

First let’s clear up some confusion.  What is JUST or What is LEGAL has absolutely no bearing on the outcome of a trial.   If you can trick someone into a legal GOTCHA area – YOU WIN!   It’s a sort of sandtrap you want to avoid.

It helps if you think of it as a Modern-Day Cops and Robbers for Adults.

The Cast of Characters and the Game Plan/Object of the Game

The object of the game is to  play the game until such time as the Sneakiest Player  can WIN by hook or CROOK or whatever dirty trick necessary to prevail. 

Unlike most other games, In Court the Object of the Game IS NOT to WIN FAIRLY — its to WIN AT ANY COST.

A Few TIPS:  Do Not “Play” with false assumptions.   Do Not Play under the Misguided Belief that the Judge is a man who has dedicated his career to  Law and Justice  such as was true of the venerable and wise King Solomon.

The mystery of the game is WHY IS IT that judges are addressed as HONORABLE so and so?  Maybe they think if we say it often enough we will start to believe?   Repition – Does it Work?

And attorneys, at least one iin opposition, possibly more.  Here’s an example: Mr. Slime E Prosecutor, ESQuire – see he’s not a sleazy huckster he’s ESQUIRE.

The game usually starts off with lots of mud slinging and legal posturing and also a round or two of ducking and dodging the truth.  Eventually after all parties have exhausted themselves preparing endless “Briefs” (which are rarely if ever Brief) and the attorneys have sent out their syatements for  LOTS of BILLABLE HOURS and other Blah Blah aka Legal MumboJumbo HIZZONER will declare the WINNER who WILL PREVAIL over the less fortunate LOSERS (probably You and Me).

But don’t worry, there are plenty of others out there more than willing to test their metal against yours.  In no time at all you will once again be playing the game of Keep Away [Justice].

Meanwhile —

Have another toast to the Great American Way.

America Land of the Purportedly Free and Home of the Deluded


Abortion Made Illegal: Mississippi’s Personhood Initiative

Abortion Made Illegal: Mississippi’s Personhood Initiative.



Dare we hope that such a moral and responsible change actually has a chance to succeed?

Once, My Home was my Sanctuary, now my Prison

I rarely go out anymore, that is the honest truth.   I go out when i have to, for appointments and to the market or to the drugstore.  It has to be something I really want to motivate me to leave my home and go “out there”.  I am in some ways lucky, I do not have a regular job anymore so I can choose to stay home where others are forced to go anyway.

My home is not the sanctuary it once was to me.  It still has a garden filled with trees I planted myself along with hundreds of flowers and bushes of all kinds.  Hard work and money and time I invested over the years to turn what was a boring ugly place into  my beautiful garden.  

But nothing stays the same and the feelings of safety and security I used to feel are now something i only remember.   No longer my sanctuary, it is just a place to hide. 

A bright spot here and there, I have, like the agreement between me and the birds who also call my garden home.   Morning and evening and maybe noon too, I throw out  scraps of bread for them to eat, they seem to like it a lot if you consider how quickly its gone, every scrap disappeared.  Once in a while, I forget to feed them, or maybe I’m just late, but whatever the cause the results are always the same.   They find places to perch where there is no way I can possibly not see them.   Maybe they send gentle subliminal reminders or maybe they think I’m lazy?  More likely, their thoughts go something like this:   “Dinnertime, you’re late,  you’re off schedule and it’s time you were feeding us?”   Brief and to the point, we understand each other.   Not a huge problem, It’s something I can easily correct.   Wouldn’t it be nice if all of life were that way?  No hard feelings, the problem’s fixed and everyone is happy again.

I have puppies, too many, layed to rest in a corner of my yard, a cemetery for some of my closest life friends.   How could I abandon them and leave them here alone?  Who would remember them, what they were like, what made them special and the story of each, how they lived and died. 

Someone new won’t see the ghosts of puppies that I do, leaping excitedly, almost throwing themselves at the base of a tree, if only they could climb it!  Their eyes, so bright and shining, they wait and watch anxiously hoping to see the squirrel they just chased up the tree is on his way back down again.    They like to chase and the squirrel likes to tease, how many afternoons did they pass this same way?  How very much I would like to believe they are not ghosts.  Then they would hear me call their names, “time to go in” and they’d come running back to me, home,  once again.  We were friends and companions and best girlfriends.  We shared everything, our lives, our homes, our hearts and a whole lot more. 

Those puppies are gone and so is the serenity and peace I used to feel, and I know that these unhappy changes are, in fact, real.  How is it possible that almost everything has changed so much?  Maybe it was a magic spell that helped me feel safe before but now the spell is broken?  Now the truth is  there are too many crimes, too many people robbing and stealing and too many dying before they should have.

Gone are the days when I believed it was safe to leave open my windows to a summer breeze while white gauzy curtains flutter and blow.   How can I ever forget, it was through a window they came, 3 intruders uninvited and unwanted into my home.   They left with some of my things they had no right to but the most important thing they stole was my serenity and my peace of mind.   The changes in the neighborhood are here to stay, I’m afraid. 

Sometimes I consider just walking away, sending the keys in the mail to the banker I owe.  I owe more on my house than I could hope to sell it for.  And complicating the matter, this neighborhood already has too many vacant empty houses that used to be homes and the gutters are sagging and front yards filled with weeds.

So if I am offended by yet another indignity.   I understand why, even if no one else does.   I am tired of people assuming things about me that aren’t true.  I am tired of accepting blame for things I had nothing to do with because I wasn’t anywhere around.

I see my home and my garden a different way now through different eyes.  What a pretty prison they make, enhanced by the prisoner living within.    It gives me no comfort anymore, no pride in what I have built. 

If it weren’t for my trees and flowers, my birds and my puppies resting here I would leave tomorrow and never look back, the money I would lose is not as important to me as it was before.  This is not the way I want to spend my years from here on out in this place that has been the best of times and now the worst.  The times keep changing but never, it seems, for the better, those days are gone out of sight but not out of mind.

Sometimes I cannot believe that life has come down to this.  It would make so much more sense if it was just that I had fallen asleep and as soon as I am awake everything will be back right again.  

I would leave tomorrow except for the small beauties and the memories, they are what tie me here.